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21st century leadership

Working to be great leaders at all stages of our live

Delivered by: Better Community Business Network & Muslim Women Connect.


Join the Better Community Business Network & Muslim Women Connect as we host a panel of speakers on Muslim women in leadership in the 21st century. Unlocking leadership, seeking confidence, gaining empowerment and influencing change. How can we reconcile the demands of our career, positions of leadership and power with our faith and identity as Muslim women in Britain today.


The theme of the seminar is Confidence & Leadership and will cover

  • Ongoing confidence
  • Leadership that traps women
  • Faith in yourself
  • Empowering & identifying leaders
  • Unlocking leadership
  • Societal views of leadership
  • Muslim women’s views of leadership


Sabah Gilani

Sabah Gilani is the CEO of Better Community Business Network and  joined the organization in May 2013, bringing with her a wealth of experience in event management and the charitable sector. Sabah has been the thought process behind BCBN’s activities, its grant initiative and educational programmes.



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