Business can be Creative

Sabah Nazir is the founder and creative director of Islamic Moments – UK’s first Islamic Greetings Card and stationery company, which she founded in 2004. The mother of four started researching into various business ideas once the children started school. “I knew that working for somebody else wasn’t for me. More importantly, like a lot of women, I wanted to be in control of my working hours so I could be there for my husband and children.” she says. 

Being in the business now for over 14 years, Sabah regularly mentors startups and makes frequent appearances in the local and national media discussing the role and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

A Muslim Lifestyle Brand

Sabah started off at grass roots level. She spotted the demand for innovative Islamic products and services to meet their Muslim women lifestyle.

The gap in the market gave Sabah 2 goals to follow:

No 1: To design and produce high quality, products that would fit in accordance to the Muslim faith.

No 2: To ensure that these products were easily and widely available in the mainstream market place. 

The business started with a small portfolio of greeting cards, however, within a short space of time, the portfolio vastly grew to over 300 Islamic design-led products from greeting cards to notebooks, Eid party supplies to art prints and now homeware collection of ceramics and scented candles.


For anyone in the process of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, my advice is, don’t get disheartened on the first few hurdles, it takes a lot of time, hard graft and patience building a business from the ground up.

There will no doubt be highs and lows, you’ll get tested physically, mentally and emotionally. Don’t lose yourself in all of this and remember that the only limits are those that you allow others to impose on you.

Key to Success

Communication: Of all the resources a company has, its employees are the most important resource. It is important to communicate well, frequently and honestly with your staff to keep things transparent and flowing in the direction you envisage your business to go.

Innovation: To us as a business, it has been paramount to bring new and innovative designs into the market place each season. This has been one of the reasons why we have been successful in what we do.

Determination: Anyone can have a great business idea, however, the key to succeed is to work through every painstaking task with sheer determination, passion, patience and diligence.