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Modest Street

Aisha Rahman is famously known as Modest Street, a youtuber, fashion blogger, makeup artist, hijab stylist, host and a motivational speaker. In every project, she passionately promotes her many ways of styling modest apparel. Thus, she thrives on the quality of images and is very dedicated when working on projects. 

Lively, energetic, funny and extremely passionate, Aisha is a mother of 5, and is breaking all barriers, proving to the world ‘Muslim Women can be bold, have a career and still hold values and manage their family responsibilities.

Having said that, Aisha is incredibly active on social media and loves engaging with her vast number of followers. She is renowned for her ever so creative looks on snapchat and her vibrant character attracts a wider audience which symbolizes her unique selling point.

Message from Modest Street.

Starting so late in life on my career I am a living proof that it can be done at any stage, with 5 children I can still have the career. I want to be a mother, a wife and still inspire other women all around the world with positivity.

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