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Saverah Women Expo was created with the Mission to REBUILDREJUVENATEEDUCATE, and EMPOWER the lives of Muslim women in our communities

  • Improve quality of life for women by providing opportunities and build strong communities;

  • Promote emerging talent and successful entrepreneurs amongst Muslim women;

  • Provide opportunities for investors and businesses to support a vibrant and highly motivated community;

  • Encourage Muslim women to become empowered and successful in their own rights;

  • Support the active role that women play within a Muslim community;

  • Tap into the huge networking potential of community leaders and members of a strong female group;

  • Promote exciting new trends and designs within Muslim fashion;

  • Help to create new business opportunities;

  • Promote education, training and professional development for women;

  • Market British Muslim Women products and services;

  • Boast the Halal economy.