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Official Partner

Human Appeal International – U.K. (HA) is a humanitarian non-profit agency that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide. HA is solely dedicated to reducing human suffering and is non-political and non-sectarian in its mission.

Saverah Women Expo is held in partnership with Human Appeal to raise fund for the Urem ( Syria) Women Children Hospital

According to the latest HeRAMS report, 35 percent of public hospitals in syria are now only partially functioning, while 22 percent are completely out of service. A quarter of the public hospital and public health centres have been reported as inaccessible, especially in contested and hard to reach areas with some patients reporting having to travel 120-160 Km to reach the nearest hospital. Prices of services, medical supplies, and medicines have shot up beyond the reach of average Syrian, many of whom are now living in poverty.

Children less than five years of age are considered the most vulnerable group, women are in need of all health care services including those for reproductive health where 432,000 pregnant women (out of 10.8 million people in need) require access to antenatal care and emergency obstetric care.

Human Appeal project aims to

  • Decrees the mortality rate among women and children by having the access to a free health care services.

  • The ability to deal with all children’s conditions on a 24 hour basis.

  • Provision of full medical care for new-born babies including premature babies.

  • Women will have access to a safe delivery.

  • Increasing the access to quality health care services among IDPs and host communities.

  • Serve the needs of the most vulnerable – particularly women and children, victims of natural disasters & civil conflicts, and the poor – with a specific focus on neglected groups and cases.

  • Setup 4 out patients clinics in the surrounding villages.

Information about the Hospital

The hospital is 3 storeys 28 room consists of 30 patient bed
Labour wards, 2delivery rooms/ 2obstetric theatres, 14 women’s gynaecology beds, outpatient clinics (antenatal, postnatal, gynaecology, children).
For the children’s unit: 12 cots/beds, 4 neonatal incubators, 1 phototherapy equipment.
Pharmacy, A&E


All the medical equipment and drugs will be delivered inside Syria according human appeal logistic procedures and policies:

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