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About you

SARA Khan is the founder of Sara K Boutique, a niche online fashion magazine that celebrates the modern-day Muslim woman who loves the chic, elegant and modest fashion inspired by the runway you can wear every day and fairly priced fashion.

Sara handpicks the very best fashion labels for her audience, from London, Dubai, Delhi to Lahore and all available online.


For the visitors

I believe modest fashion is more than just clothing to cover up but a lifestyle; it has a conscientious, builds your confidence, empowers you and enables Muslim women to have a voice and establish their identity in the UK. Whether you’re coming for a relaxing day out, a Muslim businesswoman wanting inspiration or just shopping, I genuinely look forward to personally welcoming you all (inshallah).

We all have a duty to make a difference for the female ummah that comes after us, therefore I hope you will join us to celebrate, be inspired, empowered and support Saverah Expo.

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