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Simran Chhabra is a new age premium designer jewelry and accessory brand that caters to the taste of premium designer jewelry poachers.. Our brand has been a marquee in the designer jewelry market for a while. An organization which makes sure that all its designs are up to date with the latest trends in the market, and at the same time, pitches in out-of-the-box artistry to complement the clients who have exotic tastes. With clients like Alia Bhat, Vidya Balan, Soha Ali Khan, Farah Ali Khan, Nandini Bhalla and many more stars to back its portfolio, Simran Chhabra has set an artistic goal for other jewelry designers in this age.

The products are designed by hand and christened by splendid ‘Karigari’, to ensure that the final product is suited for the modern day taste. There are many arrays and series’ of the brand. To name a few – Lets Save, Rosette Collection etc. , each meant for different requisites. Special bridal jewelry is also available to complement the wedding dress sumptuously.

The designs are credible and have been opted by many stars around the fashion circuit and have been critically acclaimed by fashion based magazines – Cosmopolitan, The Man etc.


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