Starting a Business with a Mission

Salma Mehar, founder of K-Shawls is a social Entrepreneur, a nutritionist by background as well as being a dedicated community worker promoting health equality amongst ethnic minorities, has always had a passion to set up her own fashion business. Salma’s Kashmiri heritage and passion for business has led her to setting up a textile business called K-Shawls which sources authentic shawls from the valleys of Kashmir. K-Shawls was a venture set up to support her family and small businesses in Kashmir when the valley was affected by floods, as well as promoting the artisan art work from Kashmir. 

Short Q &A with Salma Mehar

Journey as an Entrepreneur

Being a young mum as well as a professional can be challenging when starting a new business. I have always wanted to show the world how amazing products of Kashmir are, our business was set up to  show case the culture and richness of Kashmir by a strong branding campaign. Our aim is to promote the culture and art work of Kashmir by promoting their products.  We want everyone to experience the sheer luxury of our shawls and the  beautiful art work from Kashmir.

Our Business

K Shawls bring you some of the finest shawls from the Valleys of Kashmir.  Our shawls embrace the richness of pure wool and pashmina threads that every one-of-a-kind piece comes with.  We are determined to promote the culture and art work of Kashmir to  individuals who admire the centuries old craftsmanship. 

 We proudly support businesses and families that represent farmers and individual craftsmen who have been working on the production of Kashmiri shawls and art work for decades. 

Your message to start-up businesses

No business can run single handed, be prepared to work in partnership with other organizations. Always think of ways to grow, take advice from the experts. “Knowing that my business will allow me to give back to my community makes me want to work harder” “There are days when you feeling things are not going the way you thought they would, reflect back on the purpose of your business and how we are making a difference as well as continuing the Kashmiri legacy” K-Shawls Founder. 

3 key strengths for success

  • Strong leadership skills are essential to deal with the challenges.

  • Get involved with  large scale events where you can reach out to a greater audience.

  • Keep up with the social media and  create a professional image

Salma Mehar will be exhibiting her brand ‘ K Shawls’ at the Saverah Women Expo this July.
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