Turning a Home Business into a Household Brand

Mehreen Haroon founded Immeh Abayas back in 2013 at a time when they were not many modest clothing websites around for Muslim women who wanted to dress modestly and stay within the current trends.

Now in our fourth year, Mehreen has worked persistently to develop the brand and offer value to mid-range abayas to the general Muslim community in the UK as well abroad. Immeh Abayas Ltd has a strong social media following and is ever growing in the modest wear arena and is a brand well recognize in the Muslim Community. 

Strengths as an Entrepreneur

Mehreen feels the main strength is within yourself, challenges come along with running a business but facing them head on in an articulate and respectful manner will speak volumes! 

 ‘I would recommend to anyone thinking about starting a business to research into what you would like to sell. Have a vision and stick to it – don’t let anyone make you compromise on what you’ve personally set out to achieve.  Have a goal in mind and set targets to achieve’ 


Mehreen will be exhibiting at the Saverah Women Expo on the 22-23 July at the InterContinental London – The O2.

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