Turning Passion into Business

Aisha Sadiq, founder of ArabesQue is someone who turned her love for scents into a successful business.

A few years back being introduced to alcohol free scents by a close friend… After trying and applying them, Aisha fell in love with the Eau de Parfum world, however, she felt there was a need for a more light and fresh scent.

This search took Aisha on a journey of discovery. Working with her manufacturers …Perfumes Arabia; she now has an amazing range of non-alcoholic scents and incense. Her collection is now available to purchase online and a few local shops.

ArabesQue is now Aisha’s passion and her business has introduced her to many scent lovers who believe in her business and have also truly fallen in love with her scents.


As per Aisha, the aim is to keep on moving forward and introducing more Arabesque scents enabling to keep everyone happy and providing fragrances which everyone can all apply and cherish.


Never give up on your passion and goals, keep going forward.. without passion you don’t have goals, without goals you have nothing!

Apply it, risqué it, manifest it, affirm it, rapture it, ArabesQue it !

Aisha Sadiq will be exhibiting her collection at the Saverah Women Expo on the 22-23 July.

Book your tickets today for the inspirational event and a chance to meet the women behind the brand.

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