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Women Lifestyle & Health

Delivered by: Muslim Women of Merton (MWM)


Winner: Gold Award: Volunteer Team of the Year: The Merton Partnership Volunteer Award 2017

MWM is presenting this seminar as they are passionate about ensuring everyone lives healthy fulfilling lives.
By taking simple actions within our lifestyle, each and every one of us can improve our health and Wellbeing.


There are approximately 3 million Muslims in the UK, of which just under half of these are women. 40% of the population is aged between 15- 64.
Significantly large numbers of the Muslim population have the poorest health outcomes in Britain.
Evidence shows that by the age of 65, nearly 80% of Pakistani, and 75% of Bangladeshi women have a life limiting long term illness, compared to a UK average of 55%.
Obesity, diabetes, musculo-skeletal and mental health conditions are reported to be higher than in the white population. Some cancer rates for younger South Asian women are also significantly increasing.


Research evidence tells us that 75% of our health conditions are down to our lifestyle and the way we live, which are called wider determinants of health and at the most only 25% is down to our genes.
Good news is that there is plenty that we can and should do to improve our health and well-being for an active and more fulfilled life.
Let us share this practical lifestyle advice with you today


Sanam Mallick

Dr. Sanam Mallick has a special interest in local community’s health and well-being and believes in promoting good mental & physical health at every forum available. She is represents MWM at the Merton Clinical Commissioning Group – Patient Engagement Group and is also a member of our Tooting Muslim and Christian women’s reflection group.

Our speakers will present the evidence that has lead MWM to arrange this important seminar and address the issues, offering suggestions that could have an impact and beneficial effect on our lives. A short Q&A session will be held at the end of the talks by our speakers.



Raisha Nurani

MBBS, BSc Medical Management, DRCOG,PGDip Medical Education

Dr Raisha Nurani is a GP trainee in South West London. Prior to graduation from St Georges, University of London in 2011, she achieved a first class honours in Medical Management at Imperial Business School. Her main interests surround patient education and she received an award from the Higher Education Academy for her reflections on medical education. She is also pursuing her masters in Medical Education and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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Rahila Zakir

Consultant Ophthalmic & Vitreoretinal Surgeon
Western Eye Hospital, Imperial College NHS Trust
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

Discussion areas:

  • Focus on impact of our eye health
  • Consequences of poor management of health conditions, effects on eyes and touch upon how it affects kidneys, nerves (it’s all linked together),
  • understanding how diet helps improve diabetes control
  • Importance of regular eye screening and testing as we age

Registration is Must

Saturday 22nd july 2017 | 1800-1900 hrs

Note: Make sure you have your entrance ticket to the exhibition and seminar.